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WxExtLib - Changelog

WxExtLib - Changelog

2007-04-12   Thursday   22:00

 - doc/readme.txt:
   - new section Introduction
   - new section 'Interface and Source Documentation'
 - src/WxExtDialog.cpp:
   - small modifications

2007-04-03   Tuesday   23:01

 - WxExtLibTest:
   - nicer formatting and updates in DescriptionTexts.cpp
 - documentation:
   - final fixes
 - update of version idents to 0.84.0016 and 2007-04-03.01

2007-04-03   Tuesday   16:37

 - WxExtDialog:
   - adapted some control height calculations to GTK 2 sizes when using
     wxGTK port
 - WxExtLibTest:
   - disable GraphicsHelper library in default config
     and makefiles for now
   - don't use notebook page testing in StatusValidatorDialog,
     because automatic minimum size calculation doesn't work
     currently, somehow (use M_WxExtLibTest_IsNotebookPanelTest to
   - function createValidatorTestControls()
 - documentation:
   - doc/readme.txt additions
   - updated doc/todo.txt

2007-04-03   Tuesday   03:32

 - general:
   - adjusted to compile with GCC/wxGTK 2.8.0
   - remove Stx log macros and make wxAppRootFrame compilation
   - end of copyright notice text fix
 - WxExtLibTest:
   - update DescriptionTexts.cpp
   - configure makefiles to not use Stx/Sontaia
 - documentation:
   - readme.txt:
     - updated/extended section about WxExtLib features and
       sections 'List of changes', 'Tested configurations'
     - new Requirements section
   - license text in doc/license.txt and doc/WxExtLib-license.txt
   - documentation cleanup

2007-04-02   Monday   07:36

 - general:
   - copyright notice year corrections
   - remove of version numbers from copyright notices
   - add copyright notice to several files
 - documentation:
   - WxExtLibConfig_Setup.doc.txt conversion to txt2tags

2007-03-31   Saturday   13:59

 - WxExtLibConfig:
   - improved WxExtLibConfig_Version.h slightly
   - added WxExtLibConfig_VersionInfo.h,.cpp
 - admin:
   - adapted ./admin/make-tar.sh to support reading list
     of included files from a list file
 - doc:
   - added make/make-doc.mak

2007-02-24   Saturday   16:42

 - documentation:
  - doc/readme.txt: use version converted to txt2tags
  - add doc/DocIndex.txt

2007-02-02   Friday   21:01

 - WxMisc:
   - wxVerifyWindowPtr(): recursively search for window starting at
     specified parent window
 - wxMyRecursionGuard/wxScopedSetToTrue:
   - wxMyRecursionGuard to wxScopedSetToTrue rename
   - now use previous value in destructor
 - StatusValidators:
   - wxComboBox prefix selection problem notes and workaround
 - RecordsetNavigationManag:
   - fix PreviousState/visualization handling: now VisualizedState is
     remembered, this fixes several visualization update problems
   - modify tool-tips to use (button name, description) schema for
     more clarity and easier referencing
 - wxAppRootFrame:
   - restore/set focus back only if window ptr still exists and
     Window is enabled
   - use wxVerifyWindowPtr() to avoid some situations where
     last focus window doesn't exist anymore
 - showCalendarDialog()
 - safecast:
   - rename cast_unpack_int() to cast_unpack_ptr()
 - general:
   - several syntax fixes for compilation of WxExtLib with
     gcc 4.1 and wxWidgets 2.8.0
 - documentation:
   - conversion of doc/todo.txt to txt2tags-util

2006-10-04   Wednesday   05:51

 - RecordsetNavigationManag
   - updateAfterExternalDelete(), saveIfModifiedWithQuery() to
     provide functions with event locking for non-internal use
 - GraphicsHelper integration:
   - adapt makefiles and Config to support use of GraphicsHelper
   - config/setup: define M_WxExtLib_IsUseGraphicsHelper to 1
     to enable GraphicsHelper library
   - GraphicsHelper/GraphicsMisc.h,.cpp compilation
 - wxScaledImageWindow
   - provide scaling of image by use of GraphicsHelper image
     scaling function resizeImageVGrid() (mainly for reducing
     image size)
 - wxAppRootFrame
   - helper class to allow the application main frame window
      (containing menu etc.) to be raised to the foreground, before
      other top-level windows (TLW) (e.g. non-modal dialogs)
   - these functions currently only work, more or less, as expected
     with wxMSW
 - modifyTopLevelWindows() function
 - wxGetDefaultParentWindow()
   - moved wxMessageExtDialog static functions to WxMisc
   - wxSetGlobalDefaultParentWindowFunc() to set pointer to function
     to return default parent window
 - Stx/Sontaia integration:
   - config/setup: define M_WxExtLib_IsUseStxLogging to 1
     for debugging purposes of wxAppRootFrame functionality
 - WxExtLibTest:
   - use wxNonModalDialogManag for testing
   - use wxScaledImageWindow and test window overlay support
   - use wxAppRootFrame

2006-09-10   Sunday   22:57

 - message translation helper functions:
   - string_local_language(), string_internal_language(),
     string_no_localization() (_R(), _N(), _C())
   - tagging of strings which are not to be translated using
     standard gettext-family functions, but are natural language
     messages (or not), or otherwise need special handling
 - wxGetCatalogMetaData()
 - wxCatalogAddManag:
   - generate appropriate error messages if loading one or more catalogs
     fails, or if the catalog has the wrong version
   - special handling (ignore addCatalog) if locale's language is unknown
 - parseDateTimeWithFormat(), formatDateTimeWithFormat() function
 - convertAsciiToHtml():
   - more documentation
   - CR handling fix

 - wxTraitedDateTimeValidator:
   - added support for DateTimeFormatString
 - setFocusAndSelectParentBookpages():
   - activate book-pages of any parents of control to be focused
 - StatusValidators/wxTextCtrlStatusValidator:
   - Validate() now uses setFocusAndSelectParentBookpages()

 - wxOverlayAdder class:
   - overlay support (put controls onto other control (e.g. onto
     background image, notebook page etc.)
   - wxWindowAdder: pushOverlay(), popOverlay() functions
 - wxNonModalDialogManag class:
   - provide unified handling for non-modal dialogs
   - handling includes showing or creation through callback function,
     and proper closing
   - maintains list of opened non-modal dialogs
 - wxCalendarDialog class:
   - dialog to input single wxDateTime value (currently only date part)
     using mutually updated wxCalendarCtrl and wxTextCtrl controls

 - TRecordsetManag:
   - support to update navigation list selection to navigate to new record
   - reorganize query message boxes to handleQuery()
   - several small fixes
   - forwardDialogCloseEvent(): notify TRecordsetManag about
     window close event (calls saveIfModified() etc.)
 - TRecordsetCacheTableDataFormatter:
   - added support for glob-like filter matching (now default)
 - TChangeListenerManag/TChangeListenerEvent/TChangeListener
   - maintain list of TChangeListener handlers which are all
     to be notified when sendNotification() is called
   - TChangeListenerEvent class
   - TSimpleChangeListener:
      - records names of objects for which exist change notifications

 (OTL, database:)
 - TOtlQueryTableDataFormatter:
   - DefaultDateTimeFormatString support
 - TDBVersionInfo, TDBVersionInfoConnector:
   - contain info about database version (DDL version and date,
     accepted client version ident etc.)
   - get/set version info from/to database via OTL

 - put accessor macros (M_DeclarePtrProperty etc.) into extra
   file 'accessor_macros.h'
 - missing repo commit of src/WxExtLibAliases.h
 - message catalogues:
   - update message catalogue (mostly for RecordsetNavigationManag)
   - translation fixes
   - use utf8 encoding instead of latin1 for message catalogues
 - WxExtLibTest:
   - wxStatusValidatorTestExtDialog
     - cleanup of obsolete non-wxWindowAdder code
     - put controls on wxNotebook page
     - test control overlay usage

2006-07-10   Monday   13:18

 - wxTextCtrlStatusValidator:
   - hack for SetStringSelection() with empty string
 - wxWindowAdder:
   - addButton() overload set modification
   - support IsFixLabelStringOnShortcutClash, IsDebugWarningOnShortcutClash
 - RecordsetNavigationManag:
   - TRecordsetManag:
     - doInitialUpdate() with 'IsGotoFirstRecord' parameter
     - EWidgetMode enum, IsReadOnlyWidgetMode support
   - TRecordsetVisualizeTrait:
     - support foreground, background colour setting
   - TRecordsetCacheTableDataFormatter:
     - added regex IsValid() check
   - new TWxListCtrlNavigationListManag class
   - setupTableDataListCtrlWithDefaults(), fillTableListControl()
   - use calculateAdaptedColumnWidths() in setupTableDataListCtrlWithDefaults()
     etc. for relative column widths
   - new THtmlTableFormatterOutput class
   - new TTextTableFormatterOutput class
 - WxExtLibConfig:
   - fix M_MinimalTimeInterval_UseGetTickCount depedency on __WIN32__ vs.
     _WIN32 define
 - WxExtLibConfig reorganization:
   - new WxExtLibConfig.h: proxy header to include settings header,
     then include header for automatic setup
   - new WxExtLibConfig_Setup.doc.txt: used config macros setup description
   - new WxExtLibConfig_Setup.h: default setup settings
   - new WxExtLibConfig_Auto.h: automatic setup
   - new WxExtLibConfig_Version.h: define version numbers
 - general:
   - added include <wx/defs.h> in most WxExtLib header files
   - several macros renames to use 'M_WxExtLib_' prefix
 - include new version of safecast.h

2006-06-23   Friday   04:56

 - RecordsetNavigationManag:
   - TRecordsetManag:
     - wxCloseEvent handling for wxExtDialog and TRecordsetManag
   - TRecordsetCache classes:
     - simple class to hold RT-typed data (currently only as array of
     - provided to support client-based row-filtering
     - fillRecordsetCache() function
   - TRecordsetRowCache
     - simple class to hold one row of data
     - all cells/fields are currently stored only as wxString
     - all fields concatenated are stored in m_FormattedRowString, to
       support grep-like filtering
   - TRecordsetCacheTableDataFormatter class:
     - support grep-like filtering over full (concatenated) row
   - TRecordsetPosition class
      - store information to locate some record (usually OID or
        autonumber field)
   - TNavigationListManag abstract class
     - abstract class to provide generic access for interaction of
       item-list widgets with TRecordsetManag
     - provide setting and querying of current position as
       TRecordsetPosition, handling of navigation requests
   - TIndexBasedNavigationListManag
      - abstract class used as base class for widgets like wxListBox,
        wxGrid, etc., which use (integer) index-based addressing
        of list items
      - conversion between TRecordsetPosition and item index
      - specializations:
        - TWxGridNavigationListManag (for wxGrid)
        - TWxControlWithItemsNavigationListManag (e.g. for wxListBox,
          wxChoice, wxComboBox)
    - TFixedNavigationListManag
   - TVisualizationPendingLocker class
   - addDefaultRecordsetNavigationButtons():
     - selective button creation
     - bitmap buttons
   - setupTableDataGridWithDefaults(): support for column headline/labels
   - TRecordsetManag/wxGrid integration:
     - performance improvements by using wxGridCellAttr class
 - wxWindowAdder, wxSizerAdder:
   - wxWindowAdder:
     - checkAndFixLabelString(): detect and simple fix short-cut clashs
       - ampersand short cut remove
     - setSizerHSpacing(), setSizerVSpacing()
   - wxSizerAdder():
     - setColumnGrowable(), setRowGrowable()
 - wxExtDialog to wxExtDlgBase refactoring:
   - now, functions of wxExtDialog are in extra class which is not
     derived by any wxWindow, wxObject class
   - old wxExtDialog interface is provided by using multiple
     inheritance to mix-in functions from wxExtDlgBase
   - associated adaptions in related classes (e.g. wxWindowAdder)
   - wxExtDlgHelper class:
     - support wxExtDlgBase functionality for other wxWindow types
       (e.g. wxFrame)
 - wxTransparentStaticText:
   - added IsOpaque flag to deal with missing background paint problem
 - general:
   - several compiler warning fixes

2006-06-07   Wednesday   02:36

 - class TRecordsetManag:
   - manag navigation in a set of records
   - storage representation and transfer from/to controls is realized
     indirectly through virtual functions in TRecordsetManagTrait
   - handles logical states for new-record, edit-mode, modified etc.,
     queries user if necessary
   - function addDefaultRecordsetNavigationButtons()
 - class TRecordsetManagTrait:
   - abstract class to provide callbacks to realize TRecordsetManag
     data read, write, display etc. functions
 - class TTableDataFormatter:
   - abstract base class used to fill tabular like controls (e.g. wxGrid)
 - helper functions for using wxGrid as NavigationListWT:
   - fillTableGridControl()
     - fill wxGrid with data coming from TTableDataFormatter
   - setupTableDataGridWithDefaults()
   - handleGridNavigation()
 - helper functions for integration with OTL database template library
   - class TOtlQueryTableDataFormatter
   - conversion from otl_stream data to string

2006-06-07   Wednesday   02:20

 - WxMisc:
   - renamed CWxObjectArray to wxObjectPtrArray and moved from
     WxExtDialog.h to WxMisc.h
   - parseDateTimeFromISOFormat()
   - formatDateTimeInISOFormat()
 - MessageExtDialog:
   - support for setting global GetDefaultParentWindowFunc
 - StatusValidators:
   - cleanup: remove of obsolete commented-out macro invocations
   - wxStatusMessageTarget:
     - setStatusOutput(), setNonErrorMessageString()
   - BasictypeValidatorTrait:
     - some fixes/adaptions for non-builtin types
     - fix handling of IsEmptyAllowed flag for non-numeric types
       (e.g. for wxString)
     - support new flags IsNoTrimRight, IsNoTrimLeft
   - wxTraitedStringValidator:
     - support for MinStringLength, MaxStringLength
     - support for AllowedInputCharset
     - wxStringValidator is now an alias for wxTraitedStringValidator,
       old wxStringValidator class renamed to wxNonTraitedStringValidator
     - add constructor for compatibility with old wxStringValidator class
   - wxTraitedDateTimeValidator:
     - wxDateTimeValidator is now an alias for wxTraitedDateTimeValidator,
       renamed old wxDateTimeValidator to wxNonTraitedDateTimeValidator
     - getErrorMessageString(): output formatted example date/time string
 - wxExtDialog:
   - createErrorMessageCtrl() with addtional argument for height (lines)

2006-05-24   Wednesday   00:55

 - wxExtDialog:
   - getAdjustedChoiceCtrlWidth/Height(), getAdjustedListBoxWidth/Height()
 - wxWindowAdder:
   - new default parameter IsWatchControl for automatic addition of
     relevant controls to change notification handler
   - convenience functions: addHSpace(), addVSpace(), addStaticLine()

2006-05-22   Monday   22:04

 - pp_basics.h:
   - M_PP_concat(), M_PP_stringize(): basic C++ preprocessor helper
     macros for concatenation and stringization
   - M_PP_eval0(), M_PP_eval1() etc. for implicit argument evaluation
 - avoid many warnings in StatusValidators.cpp
 - makefiles generated with newer bdsgen version
 - WxMessageFormat: use larger fixed size buffer for double
 - WxExtLibTest: name typo fixes

2006-03-09   Thursday   11:42

 - WxExtLibAliases.h:
   - M_IsDefineExportMagic, M_IsUndefExportMagic to temporarily redefine class,
     extern keywords to include DLL-linkage specifier
 - general:
   - include WxExtLibAliases.h at front and end of files to enable/disable macro
     aliases (however, such that macro definitions don't span over possibly
     included files)
   - use export declarator (redefined extern) for global functions
 - Globals.h:
   - handle defines of M_WxExtLibExportDecl, M_IsWxExtLibDllExport,
     M_IsWxExtLibDllImport to conditionally define M_WxExtLibExportDecl
 - move of some functions in StatusValidators.h,cpp to WxMisc.h,cpp
 - WxMessageFormat.h,cpp: forward to StxFormatMessage.h,cpp
   if defined M_MessageFormat_IsUseStxFormatMessage

2006-03-01   Wednesday   14:54

 - StatusValidators:
   - conversion of StatusValidators.h,.cpp to use generic includes instead
     of macros
 - import of new version of safecast.h

2006-02-25   Saturday   20:34

 - WxMessageFormat.h,.cpp conversion/cleanup
 - convertAsciiToHtml():
   - rearrange algo to use stage loop
   - support for replace of leading or all spaces/tabs with HTML element
     non-breaking-space, (&nbsp;)
 - conversion to use lower case 'true', 'false' constants instead of
   'TRUE', 'FALSE'
 - update of generated makefiles and makefile generator to new
   bdsgen version
 - integrate new version of safecast.h and safecast_signedness.h

2005-11-17   Thursday   21:59

 - wxDoubleConfigEntry class
 - wxFormatMessage: support for char, unsigned char types
 - application switch problem with MFC main window (solved?)
 - wxColourBarWindow: support for rounded corners, contour, use of
   wxPanel as bases class
 - wxWindowAdder, wxExtDialog:
   - improved control style support
   - improved window foreground, background color handling
   - support for control overlaying, overlay test in WxExtLibTest
   - addStaticBitmap() overload with wxBitmap as argument
 - wxTransparentStaticText:
   - class for drawing label text in transparent mode (for wxMSW)
   - adaption of wxTransparentStaticText for compilation with wxGTK
 - use of wxTransparentStaticText instead of wxStaticText in
   wxWindowAdder, wxSizerAdder

2005-06-21   Tuesday   19:59

 - formatDouble(), formatLong(): number formatting with
   user-defined thousand grouping and decimal separator characters
 - formatNumberStringWithGrouping()
 - wxNumberFormatOptions, wxNumberFormattingInternals classes

2005-06-21   Tuesday   12:24

 - added admin/cvs-log.sh

2005-06-21   Tuesday   12:22

 - testing of help system integration in WxExtLibTest
 - wxWindowAdderDefaultParameterSet class - support for stack of default
 - wxWindowAdder::addAndPushFlexGridSizer(), addAndPushStaticBoxAndFlexGridSizer()
   functions: simplified addition of sizers using spacing/border size
   defaults from the default parameter stack
 - wxDateTimeConfigEntry: read/write wxDateTime from/to wxConfig objects
   (via wxConfigEntryManager)
 - added missing wxSizerAdder::addSizer()
 - makeRelativePath(): get path relative to some directory

2005-05-22   Sunday   22:49

 - makefiles: conversion of WxExtLib makegen.cpp to use new TVariantGenerator
 - declaration of trait-based validator string from/to basic-type conversion
   functions in header file
 - makePath(): path construction from two path components/parts
 - makeAbsolutePath()
 - addConcatenatedStrings(): concatenate strings from wxArrayString
 - wxSizerAdder class
 - wxWindowAdder class: simplified dialog sizer, control and
   validator creation
 - wxStringValidator fix: add IsEmptyAllowed handling

2005-03-28   Monday   14:44

 - wxFocusRestorer class, use wxFocusRestorer for wxDisablingBusyInfo to
   avoid switch of focus/activated window under wxMSW
 - small changes to make/extract-compile-messages.sh

2005-03-24   Thursday   12:25

 - German message catalogues for WxExtLib, WxExtLibTest
 - make/extract-compile-messages.sh

2005-03-24   Thursday   10:15

 - MessageExtDialog: support for stock images/icons
 - removal of default parameters for global MessageExtDialog() functions because of
   possible conflict with overloads
 - wxDisablingBusyInfo: class to disable all windows while showing wxBusyInfo

2005-03-21   Monday   00:54

 - ConfigEntry: get() accessors, DECLARE_ConfigEntry() macro
 - use wxUSE_GUI to make ConfigEntry.h/cpp, WxMisc.h/cpp usable with wxBase library only
 - wxFilenameValidatorTrait, wxFilenameValidator
 - wxTextCtrlStatusValidator: support for wxChoice, wxListBox, wxComboBox controls
 - wxTextCtrlStatusValidator: updateComboBoxSelectionFromText() to deal with
   wxComboBox item selection state update problem (scope: wxMSW/wx2.5.3)
 - recursion guard class

2005-03-14   Monday   13:48

 - added WxExtLib-include-all.cpp, support for source-all-include
   compilation, _NO_HEADER_INCLUDE macros in sources

2005-03-14   Monday   13:47

 - added functionality todo section in todo.txt

2005-02-28   Monday   05:46

 - support for using wxFormatMessage()/wxString and stFormatMessage()/std::string interfaces
   in one compilation unit

2005-02-25   Friday   19:28

 - MessageExtDialog: don't set button color on WinXP, use HTML
   control for message-box text for wxWidgets >= 2.5.0
 - wxBasictypeValidatorTrait: maintain copy of variable inside
   trait class, flags IsWritebackToCopy, IsReadFromCopy
 - wxBasictypeValidatorTrait: getErrorMessageString() configurable
 - added more wxBasictypeValidatorTrait classes
 - wxMultiLineText: added functions for setting pointer to control

2005-02-21   Monday   15:35

 - wxNumberValidator refactoring to wxTraitedTextCtrlStatusValidator, wxTextCtrlStatusValidatorTrait
 - wxTraitedTextCtrlStatusValidator genericity in parse and format commands
 - generic wxTraitedTextCtrlStatusValidatorImpl class

2005-02-20   Sunday   18:47

 - added missing overloads for unsigned int, unsigned long, float to wxFormat
 - added overloads for up to 10 wxFormat arguments for wxFormatMessage()

2005-01-17   Monday   14:47

 - support for std::string instead of wxString of wxMessageFormatter/wxFormat/wxFormatMessage

2005-01-17   Monday   03:11

 - put wxMessageFormatter/wxFormat/wxFormatMessage into extra files WxMessageFormat.{h,cpp}

2005-01-17   Monday   01:52

 - added WxExtLibConfig.h to cvs
 - include WxExtLibConfig.h as first header

2005-01-16   Sunday   12:39

 - fixed/regenerated debug version makefiles which were wrong

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