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ModifyFiles is a shell script to modify files using a user defined filter. It will pipe each of the files through the specified filter (which takes input from stdin and outputs to stdout) and write it back to the file.
Calc is a mini command-line based calculator with history (provided by bash), complex expression evaluation (provided by perl) and optional binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal conversion (provided by perl).
WxExtLib - wxWidgets Extensions Library
This C++ library, intended to be used in conjunction with the wxWidgets cross-platform UI library (formerly wxWindows) includes: a class which allows the creation of message boxes with arbitrary named buttons to display a HTML or text message, (simple) support for dialog zooming, and a class and functions providing a type-safe printf() replacement.
Validator classes for int, long, double, date and strings, which give the user immediate feedback about valid values into a status window, and classes which simplify mutual update of a wxTextCtrl and a wxSlider control are available, as well as classes which provide a declarative, type-safe interface for reading and writing entries from/to a wxConfig object.


Compressed images in PostScript and PDF with LaTeX HOWTO
An article describing which tools can be used to convert e.g. JPEG and PNG images to Encapsulated PostScript without decompressing the images, thus avoiding huge PostScript files. It also contains some considerations which image formats can or should be used when generating PDF (Portable Document Format) or HTML from a LaTeX source.


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